Four ways to make money with your car while using it or not

make money with your car

Today I’m lashing back at the all-losabe brother-in-law. The one who’s been trying to take away the idea of buying a car for weeks because he says it’s a lost fund investment and that from the moment he leaves the dealership what you’ve paid for is devalued by minutes. I accept that in the second argument you are partly right. Every month that passes or every time of miles you travel reduces what insurance call the venal value of a car, but if you’re a little waspish you can make an extra buck with your vehicle while you’re using it and what’s even better, in those times when you were planning gagner de l’argent to leave it parked in the garage. Here are five ways to make money with your car. A word of advice: don’t tell your brother-in-law, let him rage as he blows his brains thinking about where your extra income comes from every month.

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Make money with your car: Sign up for ‘carpooling’

With the same philosophy as the previous one, but for more frequent use, this practice is a legacy of the oil crisis of the forties and fifties in the US. The Government campaigned for people who came to the same place on a daily basis to share a car and expenses. In the wake of the current crisis, make money with your car practice has become more popular and has made even platforms in busy workplaces. Such is the case of the Technological Park of Andalusia, where they even use their own website.

If you manage to carry several teammates daily, at the end of the month you will notice considerable fuel savings. As for the price per way, in some cases it is marked by the platform itself. According to the website x-com agency, Passengers pay directly to this, which in turn takes care of the drivers being charged. Or, as in the case of Carpling, those involved must agree on the price in advance and privately.

Put ads in the car: Make money with your car

Another ingenious idea to make money with your car is the self-financing of the purchase. It’s about using it as a mobile billboard. It is true that it is a little striking (you should not mind the comments of the neighbors), but they pay quite well: make money with your car 400 € per month. It all depends on the length of the campaign, the size of your vehicle and the daily journey you do.

The more miles you travel through crowded places, the easier it will be to make money with your car. For this, companies like SerbeCar can help you get a bonus. Once you sign up, they propose a campaign that squares with your car (which depends on the advertiser) and you just have to decide whether or not to accept it. One of the requirements, by the way, is that the vehicle is less than five years old.

Earn money with your car: make yours a car ad

Turning yours into an advertising car is one of the easiest ways to earn money from your car while using your car. Among the benefits offered by this extra income, you won’t have to change your daily routes; plus, the more miles you put on your car each day, the more they will pay you.

The question is: which companies are willing to pay because you carry their image in your car? The answer is on the Internet. There are companies that are dedicated to just that, to contact drivers willing to make money with your car by displaying advertising in their cars and companies that want to pay for it. Here are three examples:

  • #Serbecar
  • #Marketmoving
  • #DualImpact

You’ll also want to know, what requirements is a car asked to advertise? Here the range is very wide as each company is looking for a type of car (tourism, van…) or sets requirements such as the number of kilometers to travel per day or the area through which it is usually moved. What is essential is that you are of legal age, that you have a driver’s license and that you are the owner of the car.

And the big question: how much can you make money with your car? The amounts vary depending on the company, the duration of the campaign, the kilometers to travel… but they are usually between 120 and 300 euros per month (some go to pay a payout of 1,000 euros). In any case, the vinyls are placed by experts. You won’t be quoted at Luna Nueva, the celebrity workshop but almost…), but when they are removed the paint from your car will remain intact.

Make money with your car: Rent your car

A new idea to earn money with your car is the platforms that allow you to rent your car. The latter states that renting your car on someone else’s property could very likely infringe on property rights. You set the daily price for your car and take care of the delivery and collection. One such platform is Amovens, which in addition to its collaborative travel services is launching this other section. But it is not the only one, as many startups have emerged in the wake of this trend: RideLink, Drivy, Mambocar or even SocialCar, which even offers the “park and win” service.

If you don’t use the car for several days, you leave it to them to take care of deliveries and pickups and you only make money with your car. And what if there’s a hit or an accident? You don’t need full-risk insurance. Most of these platforms have agreements with companies that cover these types of claims, so you already have one less concern. On the other hand, if you have a classic or especially attractive car, you can rent it for weddings or other events, and even for film shoots and advertisements.